How to Be An Inspiring Leader

A successful leader in management is a good investment for any organization – be it small or big. With this, they can ensure their success in today’s competitive environment.

Great leadership is significant and it plays an effective role in the overall development of an organization. Leaders are those who can think of efficient plans, inspire their subordinates and come up with a successful approach. Great leadership begins with great team building and a leader should always work in a team.

Commitment, optimism and power are some of the qualities which define leadership quality in an individual.

Effective leadership training is of utmost importance, not only in the world of business but also in other fields. It plays an essential role in the economical and social start up of a firm and it is with well-organized training that they can build a team of leaders for the company’s expansion.

Training programs can inculcate leadership skills and will train him/her to get equipped with all the latest techniques to supervise a team efficiently. Motivating staff, uniting a team and attaining goals proficiently are the qualities developed by effective training programs. Leadership training is an ongoing practice and should include some important points.

An Inspiring Leader Qualities

Some of the attributes one needs to learn to be an inspiring leader are:

  • Decision Making: The training program should train the leaders to make thoughtful decisions. They must be able to understand the dangers of being indecisive and must include training in relations, understanding human nature and data analysis.
  • Greater Emphasis on Membership: They must be trained to understand their responsibility and do things that are in the interest of an organization.
  • Staff Relations: They should learn how to handle and manage their staff. They must maintain a healthy relationship and keep a fine line with their staff members.
  • Communication Skills: They must also learn how to communicate with their staff members. They must be trained to use various communication areas such as presentations, one-to-one, face to face, webinars, conference calls, texting and so on.

Leadership skill classes and seminars are some of the best places to learn effective leadership skills training. Furthermore, many organizations offer leadership training, do a thorough research about their reputation and experience in the respective field.

Many of the firms also reimburse the money if the results are not satisfactory.

So, take up the leadership training online and learn to work in a team.Leadership forums and commitment to details are key to being an inspirational leader.

All About Christian Boy Scouts

The American Boy Scouts is an organization with a rich and storied history. Originally founded at the turn of the 20th century, they have grown into one of the most iconic and celebrated organizations for young boys and teens.

From the beginning, the Boy Scouts organization focused on tenets and beliefs that closely mirrored that of the Christian faith. While not always overtly religious, there are a lot of parts of scouting that jive well with being a Christian.

This article focuses on the intersection between Christian values and the Boy Scouts of America, with an emphasis on the similarities between the two.

Scouting Programs

Religion and Patriotism

The Cub Scout program, a program for younger kids than the boy scouts, has an oath that begins with pledging to honor their Country and God. This is probably the most obvious connection of the boy scouts to Christianity, as the oath members take is based around taking actions to honor God.

Patriotism is also often a trait associated with Christians in the Western World. While not directly related to Christianity, there’s a lot of crossover in the populations of Christians and patriots.

Helping Others

A big part of being a boy scout is helping others, especially the less fortunate. The whole of Christianity is built on being a good person and helping to improve the world, so this is another strong connection between the boy scouts and the Christian faith.

The Boy Scouts put a large emphasis on community service, and a large commitment is required to become an eagle scout. Jesus also preached about compassion and helping those who are weaker and in need, so it’s easy to see how there’s a crossover in this category.

Morally Straight

In addition to helping others, both systems put a strong emphasis on the idea of morality. People all around the world have different values and ideas of morality, but for most of its history and even into present day, the Boy Scouts and Christianity have held similar moral beliefs.

There’s been controversy in recent years based on the inclusion of more liberal policies in the Boy Scouts’ rules, and sometimes these rules don’t jive with certain sects of Christianity. All in all, however, both Christianity and the Boy Scouts are trying to do their best to uphold morals and be good people.

We hope that this brief look into the similarities between the Boy Scouts and Christianity gave you a sense of how similar these two systems can actually be. Both systems, at their best, focus on honoring God and being a good person. Although the Boy Scouts no longer identifies as a strictly Christian organization, there are still threads of connection between the organization and people of faith.

What It Takes To Be A Good Christian Leader?

Every religion thrives on a system of leaders and followers. All the religions in the world; at least all the major ones have always had leaders who have inspired and motivated others to become followers. This system is critical also to the proliferation and spread of religion.

Religious ideas need to be propagated; non-believers need to be converted into believers; the masses need to be informed and motivated, and enlightened about the basic tenets of the religion concerned. And all these can be perpetrated by a leader.

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The same applies to Christianity too. However, with a visible reduction in our ecclesiastical activities, owing largely to the busy pace of modern life and a general growing number of distractions of all kinds, one might question the possibility of having such inspiring leadership around.

To make matters worse, skeptics might also question the quality or availability of followership. The real question is, is there any appreciable number of people available to hear a leader speak, to get motivated, inspired or moved. The answer lies in our ability to look at the right places for such leaders.

The Internet has become an indivisible part of our lives today. Men and women in every part of the civilized world have started to spend more time online. The nature of modern work is such that it demands more time to be spent with computers. As such, it is leaving us with very little time for such activities as going to Church or attending religious seminars or conventions in our locality.

However, the modern day Christian has managed to maintain a ‘digital’ touch with God by incorporating his religion into his work. Let me explain.

Scouting Programs

There is no dearth of Christian groups or communities, as they are often referred to as, on the various social media websites thronging the Internet today. These are regularly frequented by Christian from all over the world where they share their views on the subject, meet new like-minded people, hold discussions and do plenty more.

To add to this, one would find a Christian blog where one can exchange religious ideas in copious amounts. Indeed, there’s a lot of Christian activity going on the Internet today. And it is herein that one should look for leadership.


In this article, a portion of the characteristics of good leadership has been identified. This was done under the accompanying headings: (a) the individual characteristics of the pioneer, the characteristics of the adherents and the Pioneer’s undertaking or bonus.

These divisions depended on the discoveries of Anthony D’souza, which uncovered that leadership includes a between the connection between three components – the pioneer, the adherents and the errand to be an expert.

Six basic principles of christian leadership were identified, and they are as per the following:

  • The individual characteristics of the pioneer, which gives him his leadership capacity.
  • The pioneers direct or character which are framed by the virtuous life he is living.
  • The ability of the general population to take after without pressuring.
  • The imitating of pioneers from the supporters.
  • The unmistakable vision of the pioneer, which in the end turns into the general population’s vision and center in the service.
  • The varieties in the style of leadership to meet different leadership circumstances.

Good leadership does not just rely upon the pioneer or on the supporter or the style of leadership however on every one of the three of these qualities. At the point when there is an adjustment in these three territories, leadership winds up noticeably outstanding, and that was the sort of leadership depicted.

Famous Christian Entrepreneurs

Usually, the word “entrepreneur” elicits an image of a risk-taking, successful and money and profit oriented person. The word does not evoke a picture of somebody who is philanthropic, sensitive, charitable or religious and I would like to change this stereotype.

I would like to discuss two extremely successful and extremely famous entrepreneurs, who both made their fortunes and devoted their lives to changing the world for the better.

John Green is a famous American writer and an entrepreneur, who has written such bestsellers as The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. Together with his brother, Hank Green, he gathers a community of likeminded people on his YouTube channel, where they publish, sometimes silly, yet never shallow content, inviting people to understand the world complexly and be kind to strangers.

In a blog post republished on, John Green states that there are times when he feels uncomfortable calling himself a Christian, simply because the title has been claimed by religious fundamentalists. However, he still identifies as a Christian.

His Christian ideals can be seen through his efforts to make the world a better place, one step at a time. John Green works with a variety of people to enable such projects as CrashCourse, which allows free education in an array of subjects for all. The is also the “Project for Awesome”, a charity event held every December to raise funds which are distributed to other charities.

John Green might be reluctant to call himself a Christian, however, his projects, accomplished with the help of other people, demonstrate true Christian kindness and compassion.

Bill Gates is an extremely successful entrepreneur and a co-founder of Microsoft. After accumulating immense wealth, he, together with his wife, has devoted his life to charity and established the Bill & Melinda Foundation.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bill Gates has stated that his children are raised according to Catholic principles. He has also states that he attends a Catholic church along with his wife, Melinda. According to Bill’s interview, the morality taught by religion is extremely important.

The purpose of the Bill & Melinda Foundation is to provide quality education, medical attention and resources to the poorest and the most vulnerable people and to ensure that their lives change for the better, according to

Like a true Christian should, Bill Gates tries to improve the quality of life of the people who have the least resources to ensure their success. By focusing on providing education and healthcare, Bill Gates demonstrates that, in his eyes, all lives are of equal value.

To conclude, following Christian principles and being an entrepreneur is not mutually exclusive. Both John Green and Bill Gates are entrepreneurs who have worked extremely hard to earn themselves the wealth and recognition that they have today, however, neither of them has forgotten those who are less fortunate than them.

Being led by Christian principles, both men have used their hard-earned resources to establish charity funds that hugely contribute to improving the lives of many people, who are burned by poverty. It is reassuring to see influential people spread the message of love and compassion, because we look up to them. And the more people realize the importance of valuing all lives and helping one another, the better off we will be.